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Manufacturer of Military and Police Equipment

Haversack, Sandbags, Attachment Braces, Pouches, Ponchos, Patrol Packs, Parachutes, Frog Bayonets, Carrier Water Bottle, Waist Belts, Universal Kit Bags, Binocular Cases, Holster Pistol Web, Manpack Carrier Sets, Tents, Canopies, etc.  www.wiraweb.com

Now the company was in the process of extending its operation by venturing into the fabrication knitting (e.g all type of socks like wool/acrylic, cotton, nylon and the mixed of nylon/cotton). For your information, WSB was also the first Bumiputra company to be given the pioneer status in this fabrication knitting industry.

Currently, WSB is putting efforts in increasing its monthly capacities by obtaining computerised sewing machines and other highly sophisticated machines that are very competitive in the era of new millennium.


In the earlier stages, the attention for the company’s nature of business only concentrate in the making and supplying webbing equipment and coated fabrication mainly for the usage of the Malaysian Arm Forces.

However in 1985, the business was extended to the Malaysian Police Forces. With the continuous involvement and commitment shown by WSB, on March 20,1990, WSB was given the opportunity by Malaysian Government to be one of the 14 local companies included in the list of “Malaysian Defence Industries Council”.

Then followed by the “National Productivity Status” recognition thus giving WSB the privilege in getting a direct negotiation for Government Contract.